South Valley Cusco Tour

If you still want to see more ruins of Cusco, the South Valley tour is a good half-day excursion from Cusco.

This is not in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, but if you have some more time and also the sacred valley tickets, you can include them in your experience. Most travelers do not visit the Southern Valley attractions due to time limitations and lack of information, but it worth a visit.

The South valley of Cusco is not as famous as other Cusco places but you will be able to see historical constructions from pre-Inca, Incan and colonial times.

Additionally, the south valley tour gives you a chance to taste the baked guinea pig, deed-fried pork (chicharron) and the big bread of Oropesa.

Water Temple of Tipon

The Incas worshipped Pachamama (Mother Earth); Inti (Father Sun); Wiracocha (Creator God) amongst other elements. You should not miss out the water temple of Tipon.

TiponTipon is where the Incas worshipped the Water. There are aqueducts, water channels, fountains and an overall impressive hydraulic engineering system to provide the calming sound of water and the sensation of being close to the Gods.

Pre-Inca City of Piquillacta

The only pre-Inca construction in the region of Cusco, Piquillacta is comically known as city of the fleas’. Actually, the word Piquillacta means flea town’ in Quechua, the official language of the Incas.


The town was built by the Wari culture between AD 600 – 900 and the obvious differences can be seen from the construction materials.

The Andahuaylillas Church

The main attraction in this colonial town is the Catholic Church, known as the Sistine Chapel of the Americas’ for the impressive paintings, decorations, and other treasures of art and gold.

Andahuaylillas church

Unlike the other locations, the church has an entrance fee of PEN $10.

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