Lake Titicaca Tour From Puno full day

Lake Titicaca Tour takes you to one of the highest navigable lakes in the world. The Lake Titicaca tours will include the Uros Islands and Taquile in Puno. There are over 80 islands constructed out reed plants by the legendary Uros people.
Most people from Uros live from fishing, hunting, and weaving. On the other hand, Taquile is a land Island that is populated by indigenous people that speak Quechua. Locals still preserve their original traditions and ancient agricultural techniques. Your experience ends with an epic boat trip to puno.

Titicaca Tour Details:

Type: Cultural and natural.
Visited Places: Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands and Taquile.
Duration: Full Day.
Pickup time: 6:30 am.
Pickup location: Hotel in Puno.
Daily departure: From January to December.

IMPORTANT: you will take a short hike for 30 minutes to reach the Quechua village in Taquile.

Titicaca Tours Full Day Itinerary

Puno – Uros islands – Taquile islands – Puno

The Lake Titicaca Tour starts at 6:30 am with a transfer from your hotel in Puno to the port. Then, we will continue by motorized boat to the famous floating island of Uros. Once there, we will walk on the spongy reed islands, visiting the homes of native Uros inhabitants. This tribe is credited to be the direct descendants of one of the oldest South American Civilizations.

Here your Lake Titicaca Tour guide will give you an explanation about how the Uros people build their home islands. You will also learn how they forge a subsistent lifestyle floating in the middle of Titicaca Lake. And for an intimate experience, you can also ride on traditional reed boats and visit other Uros floating islands.

After that, we will take a two-hour boat excursion to the Quechuan islands of Taquile. Upon arrival, we will take a short hike following the stone pathway to reach the islands’ village. Enjoy the best view of Titicaca Lake and lunch with local families. Titicaca Lake Tours not only gives you an insight into their culture but also ensures families get support from tourism.

In the afternoon, we will descend 500 steps to the main port of the island and sail back to Puno. Our full-day Titicaca Travel ends at 4:30 pm. with a transfer to your hotel in Puno.

Titicaca Lake Tour Includes:

  • English-Speaking Tour Guide.
  • Shared service.
  • Motorized boat.
  • Lunch in Taquile islands.
  • Entrance fee to Lake Titicaca.

Lake Titicaca Tours Exclude:

  • Bus tickets from/to Puno.
  • Hotel in Puno.
  • Snacks and drinks.
  • Tips and gratuities.

Shared Service Price $50 per person

You will be sharing this unique experience with other travelers coming from different parts of the world. Our shared service will enable travelers to have a great opportunity to make new friends and interact during the tour. (This tour is based on 25 people max.).

Methods of Payment

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