MTP is a family-owned agency started in 2010 by David Guzman, who had been a licensed tour guide for other agencies for many years. David loves his country and loves sharing it with others. So he later decided to open his own agency in order to give a more personal touch to travelers who want that authentic Peruvian experience. He not only wanted you to see the beautiful landscapes of his country or taste the exquisite flavors of simple foods, but to be embraced by it. Allowing you to feel, smell, and taste this 20,000-year-old culture.

MTP is a Cusco certified agency that provides this authentic experience by specializing in small intimate groups, including no more than 8 people, but with a minimum of 2. Couples always seek our services as our tours are easily tailored to their needs, interests, and desires. Small groups easily integrate into our culture, helping us to sustain Peru’s healthy ecosystem with responsible tourism.

Our skilled staff has a passionate interest in the places we visit and are committed to supporting these communities. We employ local tour guides who know the destinations inside and out, stay in local accommodations for the feel of home and eat at local restaurants for that feel of family; all while helping these communities maintain and thrive.